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So many honors in the next 48 hours

Look for G2 ID Source Inc tomorrow in the 50th issue of the Jacksonville Business Journal a.k.a the BJ50. 
The magazine is available July 13th, featuring a list of the “50 fastest Growing Companies in North Florida”.

Also in you’re in Jacksonville check out G2 ID Source Inc tonight in the 6 o’clock news on channel 47 as one of the 50 fastest growing industries in Jacksonville. Support local business & Jump on the G2 printing wagon!!!

G2 Milestone

Look for the newest edition of the Jacksonville Business Journal, on July 13th, featuring the 50 fastest growing business in North Florida <3


Flower shaped egg moulds.

Ain’t One&#160;!


A Deck of Robots

Theory 11 approached Duct Tape & Glitter to design some fun, quirky mechanical robots for a deck of Bicycle playing cards. In two different color combinations we illustrated all of the face cards, the jokers and the ace of spades for a total of 14 custom illustrations.

We love our city &lt;3 
One of our many printers!

G2 For all your printing needs

Call us for all your Label Printing needs. We are located in Jacksonville, Fl. our phone number is 904-302-5899. We have Thermal Transfer printers as well.  

"My grandfather was 70% water
He was 70% the stream
that trickled past his farm
he was the 30%
the sheep that grazed on his mountain
he was the fish swimming in his lake
he was the cow eating
in his field
he was the stream, he was the grass,
the mountain and the lake

I am not 70% water
perhaps 15% mineral water
the rest is beer and coca cola

I am italian pasta, swiss cheese
danish pork and chinese rice
american ketchup
runs through my veins

you are what you eat
I am a miniature of the world


I am a miniature of Bonus"

- “You are what you eat” by Icelandic writer and PopTech Iceland speaker Andri Snær Magnason. (via poptech)